Deployment of Athena application to a Tier Two Brokerage and Asset Management firm

Client: Tier Two Brokerage and Asset Management firm

Business area: Front Office; Middle Office and Back office (Equities Trading)

Integration: Local (Nigeria)

Business Challenge:

  • Delay in execution of mandates due to late release of stocks by custodian
  • Double Keying of orders resulting in erroneous processing or orders
  • Lack of pre-trade compliance check resulting in trade mismatch
  • Late dissemination of contract notes to counterparties
  • Manual processing of generating contract notes sometimes leading to error in allocating wrong contract notes.

Barton Heyman Delivered Implementation: Barton Heyman was selected for the management of the deployment of the solution for the Asset Management, Private Wealth, and Brokerage business of this financial institution. Barton Heyman successfully offered the following services: Project Management, Business Advisory, Technology Advisory, and Technology transformation.

This was done after conducting a thorough vendor comparison exercise both locally and internationally and the project was successfully managed from Initiation to completion. The integration process with other back office solutions was also successful with the help of Barton Heyman.


  • Full Compliance and Transaction history and historical reporting
  • Effective use of the expense of the Compliance team
  • Repeatable and explainable process for winning and retaining clients
  • Foundation for conformation with market standards
  • Reduce costs of individually calculating portfolio returns