HR Services & Solution

HR Outsourcing

At Barton Heyman, our HR services provides support to businesses of all sizes across various industries facing any number of HR challenges. Whether your company is experiencing significant growth, is ready to relieve your office support team or accounting staff of HR duties, or just in need of compliant policies and procedures, we help gain access to highly trained HR professionals that will provide the specific support you need.

HR Policies and Procedures

At BartonHeyman, we help enforce policies covering workplace issues like attendance, disciplinary action, employee safety, employee complaints, smoking and workplace civility, which should be established and outlined clearly for all employees.

Employee Relations

At Barton Heyman, we help deliver fresh and innovative communication strategies required to build strong relationships between employees and their employer and create a corporate culture that fosters individual and organizational growth. Through the development, implementation, administration, and analysis of these relationships, employee performance becomes a major priority.

Job Analysis and Descriptions

A good job description starts with a complete analysis of the role. Barton Heyman helps define the position responsibilities prior to on-boarding in order to allow for effective performance management and employee career planning.

Compensation and Benefits

Working with management to determine the best mix of compensation and benefits to attract and retain employees is one of our specialties. Here are some of the services we provide to give companies a competitive edge in hiring, and help motivate and retain the right people: 

  • Customized market compensation studies with recommendations for appropriate action
  • Research and recommend vendors for benefits products
  • Administer overall benefits/compensation program including marketing and orientation.