Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a better world has never held more importance than it does today. The next generation is redefining the ways they tackle issues, create movements, and use their skills to inspire the people around them.

At Barton Heyman, we are no different. We are using our core skill sets to create a positive global impact for the needs of today and the initiatives close to our hearts. While we take part in traditional volunteering like employing and training interns, we also run skill-based volunteer programs, which utilize the skills, experience, talents, and education of our people and match them with the needs of non-profits. We are a consulting firm, after all, with jacks of many trades.

Giving back and supporting the community and environment in which our business operates is a major part of our foundation. We are a hands-on company with many initiatives in place. We use our knowledge and skills to provide pro-bono consultations to non-profits to really make a difference in the overall success of an organization.