Message from the CEO

Barton Heyman Limited was started over six years ago with a singular vision: to create a business where the customer comes first. We’ve strived every day to meet this vision, and to build our team with this mantra always in mind. Looking back, we have built a business that has deep and lasting customer relationships, with the type of trust that can only come over time. Our customers know us, and our skills, and indeed engage us to guide them with key decisions that affect their businesses and hence their people.

A business such as ours also depends on the people within, and we have always chosen to work with the type of people who share not only our philosophy and commitment, but also want to grow within the company. Barton Heyman’s people are distinguished professionals who deliver distinctive solutions designed to meet and overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow. They combine thought leadership with extensive practical experience of the strategic and operational issues and challenges that are reshaping the business landscape.

We also depend on key technology vendor relationships, and have developed
relationship with a core of vendors such as: IRESS; CYMBA Technologies (now part of the Factset family); 4th Story (to mention a few.)

My message would be lacking without a forward look into the future. We are in the ‘disruptive’ age and as businesses & technology evolves, Barton Heyman is staying abreast of the trends and solutions that can bring true value to our clients and their businesses.