Implementation of Athena system to a Major financial firm

Client: A leading Brokerage & Asset Management house in Nigeria

Business area: Front Office; Middle Office and Back office (Equities Trading)

Integration: Global Trading (UK, EMEA & USA)

Business Challenge:

  • Manual processing of fixed income trade execution using Excel spreadsheet.

  • Manual relaying of equity orders to the securities desk, which sometimes leads to errors.

  • Delay in execution of mandates due to late release of stocks by custodian

  • Double Keying of orders resulting in erroneous processing or orders
  • Lack of pre-trade compliance check resulting in trade mismatch
  • Late dissemination of contract notes to counterparties
  • Manual processing of generating contract notes leading to generation of wrong notes
  • Operational risks associated with trade execution reports generated manually using Excel spreadsheets
  • key man dependency risk.

Barton Heyman Delivered Implementation

Barton Heyman helped manage the successful deployment of software solutions for the Brokerage and Asset Management businesses. These solutions provided a robust and scalable framework by automating the Front-Office (FO) for the Asset Management and brokerage business. There was also a successful integration with other back office solutions.

Barton Heyman played key roles in Managing the project, analysing and business as well as implementation consultancy from initiation to completion.



  • Straight-through processing of Investment Orders from Buy side to the Sell side dealing desk
  • Straight through Processing of Order Execution
  • Funds Monitoring through a state of the art Compliance system
  • Investment Performance and Risk Management
  • Liquidity Management
  • Automated Reporting & Portfolio management.